Leading the Bleeding: The Intersection of Podcasting & Bitcoin

Dave is so real and fun AND informative!

I just love Dave's show. I have been listening for years. His topics aren't always relevant to me as an experienced podcaster (he often covers topics for newbies), but I keep listening anyway because I just adore Dave so much. And he does still share enough that helps us experienced podcasters as well!

He's genuine, and he's humble and he's goofy! I love that about him, it makes him down-to-earth and relatable and LIKEABLE! He talks about himself just enough to help you feel like you can relate to him, but not so much that he comes across as tooting his own horn (unlike other podcast experts, who I shall not name).

Fangirl raves aside, the info he shares is actually quite good as well! Dave has been the biggest help to me on my journey with my podcast. He is very approachable and if you email him, he actually will respond with help!

I will continue to listen to Dave and the School of Podcasting is now the ONLY podcast I listen to about podcasting. I need no other!

Nov. 27, 2014 by Tinamama on Apple Podcasts

Leading the Bleeding: The Intersection of Podcasting & Bitcoin